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Photographic Society of Orange County

Continued from main page..... The PSOC is a place for novice to advanced photographers to be able to exchange ideas, improve their photography, and enjoy relationships with others who share their passion for photography. PSOC is not a competitive club. It is more of a social club with all the members having a common interest – photography.

Mission statement

“We are a place where members can approach photography with a resolution to reach their creative potential."


The club has a general meeting once a month, usually on the fourth Thursday of each month from 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. unless it falls on a holiday. In that case, the meeting is usually held on the 3rd Thursday.

Each month we have a field trip and an assignment. At the monthly meetings, members show photos from the previous field trip and/or assignment.

Photos are projected on a screen and we have an outside expert view the photos and critique them, pointing out why the photo works well or how it could be improved. We learn from our own and others' work.

Refreshments are provided at the beginning of each meeting.

We also have a group called the Learning & Educational Network (LENS) that usually meets monthly on the third Thursday evening from 7:00 to 8:30 to discuss and learn more about all aspects of photography. Workshops with guest speakers are provided periodically.

Field Trips

The club has a one-day field trip each month to a location selected for photographic potential. We also have two longer field trips each year in the spring and fall (usually Thursday, Fri & Saturday nights). The locations for these trips can be as close as San Diego or as far away as China or France. We have a picnic once a year and a Holiday party.


Membership dues are $30 per calendar year ($40 for a couple/family), payable in January. Dues for members who join after June 30th are $15/$20 for that year only. Members who join after November 1st can pay a $30/$40 full year dues and it will carry them over for the entire subsequent year.

Newsletter and Website

A newsletter is published monthly. The PSOC website: www.psoc.net has information regarding meetings, activities, trips and assignments.


The Photographic Society of Orange County has an annual show in June in the Windows Gallery at the Huntington Beach Central Library. This is a non-juried show open to participation by all PSOC members. The show duration is the entire month of June each year.


The Photographic Society of Orange County has a mentoring program to assist club members with questions about camera functionality, photo composition and techniques, post production photo processing, and other photographic topics.

Volunteer mentors conduct one-on-one and group sessions, communicate with the members by phone and e-mail, and meet them on field trips and/or local outings, LENS Meeting Presentations sheet (update 03/05/2016)

Those interested in being a mentor can complete the Mentor Questionnaire - print it out then fill it out and bring it to a meeting. or can attach it to an email with the subject "Mentor Questionnaire" to George Hagen

Members interested in being mentored can click on and fill out the Mentoring Program Questionnaire - the form will open in new window. print it out then fill it out and bring it to a meeting. or can attach it to an email with the subject Mentoring Program Questionnaire" to George Hagen For a PDF Copy of the Mentoring Program to Download and print